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twyolo Platform

We understand that voice calls can be time-consuming, expensive, frustrating, and inefficient for both businesses and Customers. That’s why our platform includes AI-powered chatbots and automated responses that can deflect voice calls to the SMS or other digital channels, allowing businesses to pivot to asynchronous conversation via text messaging.

By using digital channels instead of voice calls, businesses can reduce wait times and provide faster, more convenient support to their customers. Customers can send a message at any time and receive an automated response, providing them with immediate assistance even outside of regular business hours.

Our platform includes a wide range of features that make it easy for businesses to manage Customer support in a seamless, efficient, and effective way. Here are just a few of the key features that our platform offers:

AI-Powered Chatbots

Our AI-powered chatbots can quickly and efficiently handle common customer inquiries, freeing up human Employees to focus on more complex issues. This improves overall productivity and allows businesses to provide faster and more convenient support to their customers.

Automated Responses

Our platform includes automated responses that can deflect voice calls to the SMS channel, allowing businesses to pivot to asynchronous conversation via text messaging. This reduces wait times and provides faster and more convenient support to Customers.

Mobile-First Approach

Our platform is designed with a mobile-first approach, allowing Employees to respond to Customer inquiries and resolve issues on-the-go. This improves response times, reduces wait times, and increases Customer satisfaction.

Analytics and Insights

Our platform includes tools that allow businesses to track and analyze Customer conversations, gaining valuable insights into Customer behavior, preferences, and pain points. This helps businesses to identify opportunities for improvement and optimize their operations to better meet the needs and preferences of their Customers.

Omnichannel Support

Our platform supports multiple channels of communication, including SMS, email, social media, and more. This allows businesses to manage all their support channels in one place, providing a seamless experience for Customers.

At twyolo, we understand the importance of providing exceptional customer service. That’s why we’ve designed our platform to help businesses of all sizes streamline their customer support operations and provide fast, convenient, and personalized assistance to their customers.

AI Customer Service

twyolo’s Customer service AI platform is a comprehensive solution that allows businesses to leverage the power of AI and automation to improve their customer service operations. Our platform includes a range of AI-powered tools and features designed to help businesses provide exceptional Customer service and improve the overall Customer experience.

Our Customer service AI platform also includes automated responses, which allow businesses to respond to Customer inquiries quickly and efficiently. Our automated responses can be customized to fit a variety of scenarios, such as providing information on shipping times or handling returns and refunds.