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By Objective

We’re passionate about helping businesses provide exceptional Customer support. With our platform, businesses can improve response time, automate common tasks, provide personalized support, and gain valuable insights, all of which can ultimately lead to increased Customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Support Platform

twyolo is an all-in-one customer support solution. Our platform is designed to help businesses of all sizes handle customer support with ease and efficiency. Here’s how we do it:

Mobile First

Our platform was developed to enable every employee to become a CX expert. The powerful mobile app developed by us will give your team the flexibility and empower them to handle conversations no matter where they are, or where they come from.

Intelligent Routing

Our intelligent routing technology can analyze factors such as the customer’s location, inquiry type, and language to route inquiries to the most appropriate customer service representative or team. This ensures that inquiries are handled promptly and efficiently, improving response time and customer satisfaction.

Automated Tasks

Our platform includes automated responses that can help businesses handle common tasks, such as providing information on shipping times or handling returns and refunds. This can save businesses time and resources, allowing them to focus on more complex customer inquiries.

Personalized Support

We believe that personalized support is key to providing exceptional customer service. That’s why our platform includes tools that can help businesses personalize the customer support experience, providing targeted recommendations, personalized offers, and tailored messaging based on customer behavior and preferences.

Valuable Insights

Our platform includes powerful analytics tools that allow businesses to gain valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and pain points. By analyzing this data, businesses can identify opportunities for improvement and optimize their customer support strategy to better meet the needs and preferences of their customers.

Sales Growth

twyolo can help your business grow sales with an AI powered messaging platform, by:
Automating repetitive tasks: free up human employees to focus on more complex tasks, such as providing personalized Customer service.

Personalize the Customer experience: twyolo’s AI powered messaging platform is able to personalize the Customer experience by remembering Customer preferences and providing tailored recommendations.

Generate leads

twyolo can generate leads by identifying potential Customers and qualifying them for sales. This can help to increase the number of sales opportunities and close more deals.

Measure and track results

twyolo is able to measure and track results, such as website traffic, leads generated, and sales closed. This data can be used to optimize the messaging platform and improve its performance.