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Are you tired of receiving “Where Is My Order?” (WISMO) requests from your Customers? twyolo can be your ultimate solution!

Our advanced chatbot technology is designed to efficiently handle WISMO inquiries and provide prompt and accurate updates to your Customers, saving you time and resources while delivering exceptional Customer service.

The twyolo platform can instantly retrieve and provide real-time order status updates to Customers. Customers can simply chat with a bot, provide their order details, and receive immediate updates on the current status of their order, including shipment tracking information. This eliminates the need for Customers to contact your Customer support team for order updates, reducing the volume of WISMO inquiries.

twyolo can seamlessly integrate with your existing order management & e-commerce system such as Shopify, Magento or others, allowing it to access real-time order data and provide accurate updates to Customers. This ensures that the information provided by the chatbot is always up-to-date and reliable, reducing Customer frustration and minimizing WISMO inquiries.

We believe that personalized marketing is key to increasing Customer loyalty and engagement. That’s why our platform includes tools that can help retail businesses provide targeted recommendations, personalized offers, and tailored messaging based on Customer behavior and preferences


Boost Your Revenue with twyolo: Say Goodbye to Missed Calls and Unanswered Reservations at Your Restaurant or Hotel

Is your restaurant or hotel struggling to manage phone calls due to limited staffing resources, resulting in missed calls and lost revenue from potential Customers looking to book or make reservations? Don’t let missed calls be a missed opportunity for your business. twyolo can be your solution! Our innovative platform can proactively send text messages to callers’ mobile phones via SMS, eliminating the need to listen to voicemails and ensuring that you never miss a reservation or booking again.

For example, in a restaurant setting, twyolo can send a text message to a caller providing reservation options, such as available dates and times, and allowing them to confirm their reservation by replying to the text. In a hotel setting, twyolo can send a text message to a caller providing room availability, rates, and a booking link, allowing them to make a reservation on the spot. These proactive text messages help you provide excellent Customer service, streamline the booking process, and capture potential revenue from missed calls.

twyolo’s text message notifications are mobile-friendly, as most people prefer to communicate via text messages on their mobile phones. Text messages are convenient, quick, and easy to read, ensuring that your communication with potential Customers is effective and efficient. With twyolo, you can cater to the communication preferences of your Customers, enhance their experience, and increase the chances of converting missed calls into successful bookings or reservations.

twyolo can seamlessly integrate with your existing phone system, making it a hassle-free addition to your communication workflow. There is no need for complex installations or technical expertise. twyolo can be up and running quickly, helping you streamline your communication processes and capture potential revenue from missed calls without disruptions.


Our platform is designed to help field service businesses provide exceptional Customer service and increase Customer satisfaction

twyolo platform integrates with popular field service platforms, including Housecall Pro and ServiceTitan. This can help field service businesses reach a wider audience and increase sales by making it easy for Customers to discover and book their services online