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Does your call center always seem busy? That’s because modern customers expect exceptional service. If they don’t receive it, they’ll have a negative experience. We understand that customers value convenience and speedy responses.

It is not only customers; businesses frequently consider best practices in the Customer Service experience. Imagine the worst-case scenario: incoming calls and an overwhelmed team. Time and resources are wasted, and customers become increasingly dissatisfied.

Many companies are seeking ways to enhance the efficiency of their contact centers, improve the ratio of incoming calls to resolved inquiries, and boost customer satisfaction. 

In the past, businesses improved the customer experience during phone calls by promptly answering calls, training customer service representatives, using positive language, and being empathetic. The telephone and 1-800 numbers were the predominant channels for customer service.

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Did you know the global contact center software market is expected to reach $78.75 billion by 2029? That’s up from $30.74 billion in 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of 14.4% in the forecast period, according to Fortune Business Insights. In today’s digital age, is it becoming more convenient for industries to handle this type of service?

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In the post-pandemic world, the line between in-person and digital communication has become less distinct. With the emergence of new customer types and consumption patterns, relying solely on one channel, such as a contact center, would be a mistake. This is the perfect opportunity to enhance customer service by deflecting calls to digital channels.

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Today’s Customer Requires Speed

Jay Baer, a customer experience and marketing expert, proves this in his latest study, The Time to Win, which measures the impact of speed and responsiveness on customer experience and loyalty. 

Some key findings of this report:

  • Two-thirds of customers say speed is as important as cost.
  • More than half of the customers surveyed hired the first business to respond to their requests, even if it was more expensive.
  • Baby Boomers are the least patient generation, and the youngest consumers – Gen Z – exhibit the most patience.

Businesses require digital channels in their service platform for a better customer journey. Here is one way to do it: deflecting calls to digital channels.

What is Call Deflection?

The aim is to improve the customer experience and effectively address any needs or issues that arise by reducing the number of calls customers have to make. How? Through call deflection, a strategy based on automation. With digital channels, businesses can achieve benefits such as reducing inbound calls, waiting times, improving business efficiency, or increasing consumer confidence.

There are a variety of call deflection services available. The key is to know which channels will increase satisfaction rather than provide a robotic and frustrating interaction. So how do you decide which call deflection strategies work best for your customer service?

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Launching a Call Rerouting Strategy

One option is rerouting customer inquiries or requests from phone calls to digital channels such as email, social media, or chatbots. Offering your customer an alternative digital channel either before or during a call. Understanding your customer’s journey to get support is critical to knowing which channel to use at the right time to ensure a great customer experience.

“The first step in developing a digital strategy closely linked to the customer journey is to understand how customers interact with various channels and to choose which customers and which call-center situations to focus on,”  — Maurice Hage Obeid, 

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The aim is to provide alternative ways for customers to contact companies and reduce the volume of calls handled by customer service agents. By using digital channels, inbound calls can be redirected to reduce costs, customers receive a quicker and more convenient experience, and agent performance is optimized.

This approach can benefit both customers and businesses, allowing customers to communicate through their preferred channel at their convenience and businesses to increase efficiency and reduce costs associated with telephone support.


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In twyolo, we believe that every customer interaction is a unique opportunity to leave a lasting impression.

We know that using multichannel performance in customer service is the best practice: 

  1. Reduce call abandonment. Switching to a digital channel solves this problem: the customer no longer has to wait. 
  2. Instant messaging (IM) platforms allow users to send and receive messages in real time or at their own pace.
  3. Utilize AI and machine learning to communicate effectively with complex human language.
  4.  Assist your team by sharing information and coordinating activities in real time.
  5.  Keep track of message history to maintain context and prevent customers and agents from having to repeat themselves. This data can improve the customer experience and increase engagement.

For example, using the SMS channel can help the hospitality sector to increase bookings, even during non-business hours. At twyolo we generate reservations for a restaurant:

  1. Customer calls a local restaurant hoping to make a table reservation.
  2. Unfortunately, no one is available to take the call.
  3. twyolo sends an SMS to a customer apologizing for not taking the call, and asking how Restaurant can help?
  4. Customer engages, indicates he wants to make a reservation for tonight at 20:00 hrs.
  5. Bot validates the question, and asks how many people are in the party.
  6. Customer responds to party of 2.
  7. Chatbot confirms reservation at 20:00 hrs.

A simple, agile and effective way to generate leads in any company.

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02 May, 2023